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Syber was founded in 1996 with one basic premise – to solve critical business issues for midsize companies. We created advanced enterprise application solutions and professional services to solve business issues like inventory reduction, streamlined distribution and increased customer satisfaction. This customer-centric focus remains with us as we enhance our software solutions and sharpen our focus on today's growing and changing e-marketplace.

In our infancy we recognized the evolving needs of manufacturers, and we immediately realized the value of an integrated ERP and CRM solution. In 1996 – during an age of best-of-breed planning and philosophies – Syber stood by its vision of integration. Today, the Syber solution remains the industry's only fully integrated suite of ERP and CRM modules created by one provider – it's called ITworks. Also, our historic commitment to your success powers everything we do – from our technology and training to services and support. Syber thrives on your success.

Our dedication to same day response to support issues minimizes the loss of personnel productivity. It is our belief that when you look at the total cost of ownership, our solution is easily the most cost effective available.

Our full product line and our commitment to service are the primary reasons our business has been successful for so many years. This dedication to providing the best software service available has been and will continue to be our policy.

Providing excellent software service requires more than just dedication. The personnel servicing the customer must meet high standards, and the product must be capable of being serviced quickly without the risk of damaging or losing customers’ sensitive data. As most software companies grow, the quality of support declines. By not allowing this to happen at Syber, we ensure a successful growth plan.

Syber’s growing customer base and high customer retention rates are ongoing validations of the quality products and principles which have exemplified the company since its inception nine years ago.

Over the years Syber has gained industry recognition for having one of the most effective development teams. Consistent growth, upgrades and new releases and a strong relationship with customers contribute to the company’s high degree of financial stability. Customers buying Syber solutions are not only buying technology, they are buying a long-term relationship that will continue to provide significant value.

Syber software empowers small through mid size manufacturers as well as departments and divisions of larger companies with high functionality, scalability, quality and ease of use.
Copyright 1996 - 2005 Syber Systems and Solutions (P) Ltd. All rights reserved.