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Know About Syber

Founded in 1996, Syber has become an industry-leading ERP software company that provides powerful enterprise business and logistics solutions. Syber ITworks Series powers scores of successful operations, Enabling manufacturing excellence. The Eworks Series N-Tier / Web-based suite of Enterprise Performance management, Distribution management, and E-commerce solutions can be deployed as an integrated suite or as stand-alone best-of-breed components. We are focused on serving the complex business application needs of the Sugar, Government, and General markets.

Syber develops and delivers a fully integrated suite of e-business, Customer relationship management and Enterprise resource planning applications designed to help small-to-midsize manufacturers and other clients to quickly respond to customers, suppliers, partners and employees around the world. With Syber solutions, manufacturers and customers gain competitive advantage by extending their enterprise operations across the supply chain. 
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Syber’s growing customer base and high customer retention rates are ongoing validations of the quality products and principles which have exemplified the company since its inception nine years ago.

Syber remains a dedicated, independent company that continues to focus on customer satisfaction. Early on, Syber realized that success is predicated on more than offering a leading edge product. Every member of the Syber team is steeped in the traditions of honest and open communications, keeping promises and, most importantly, being responsive. Syber is a world-class company, a designation earned through high levels of service and ongoing innovation that positively impact the customer.

Over the years Syber has gained industry recognition for having one of the most effective development teams. Consistent growth, upgrades and new releases and a strong relationship with customers contribute to the company’s high degree of financial stability. Customers buying Syber solutions are not only buying technology, they are buying a long-term relationship that will continue to provide significant value.

Syber software empowers small through mid size manufacturers as well as departments and divisions of larger companies with high functionality, scalability, quality and ease of use.
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