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System architecture
Exclusive use of Microsoft technology establishes a seamless interaction between all elements of the Syber ERP architecture. Syber ERP was originally built with, and continues to use, only Microsoft technologies and platforms. Syber ERP is written in Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications®, Microsoft Visual Basic®, Visual Basic.NET and Microsoft Transact SQL (T-SQL) languages. Syber ERP uses Microsoft SQL Server® as the database platform.

Our pure Microsoft approach means we provide our customers with a robust and completely integrated infrastructure, ease of administration and modification, ease of connectivity to and integration with other Microsoft and Microsoft-based products, and reduced IT requirements. Consistent technology also means that Syber, as a software provider, is able to put its development energy into building features and functions that directly benefit our customers, rather than wasting time chasing solutions to tough problems rooted in technology clashes.

Syber is committed to making Syber ERP the first ERP software product on the market to be 100 percent "pure" .NET. Only a goal of being a “pure” .NET solution would deliver to our customers all the benefits of .NET.

To reach this goal, Syber modified the Syber ERP architectural design to leverage the many benefits of the .NET platform. Syber spent 18 months designing a new architecture that takes full advantage of .NET, XML, Web Services and the new features of Microsoft SQL Server. Our current product has a pure .NET managed code framework and 50% of the standard product functionality has been completely rewritten in .NET. By the end of 2007, Syber ERP will be 100% .NET managed code.
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