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A pure .NET solution
Microsoft .NET marks a quantum leap forward in enterprise software. An application in “pure” .NET is significantly smaller, faster, more secure, and provides far superior application integration than in any other application architecture in history. The release of Syber ERP version 2.0 marks the first release of an ERP product with any significant portion of functionality in pure Microsoft .NET technology; roughly 50% of v2.0 is written specifically for and runs solely in .NET—no wrappers, no fake skin, just 100% .NET managed code.

When Microsoft released its .NET (“dot net”) technology, it was the beginning of a new revolution in enterprise applications; more significant than the Windows revolution in the 90’s. Microsoft .NET is a completely new approach to how software operates, and Syber has positioned its research and development efforts to lead the manufacturing market into these amazing new capabilities. 

What is .NET?
Syber is committed to making Syber ERP the first ERP software product on the market to be 100 percent "pure" .NET. Only a goal of being a “pure” .NET solution will deliver to our customers all the benefits of .NET. To reach this goal, Syber started from the ground up and spent 18 months designing a new architecture that takes full advantage of .NET, XML, Web Services and the new features of Microsoft SQL Server. Our current product has a pure .NET managed code framework and 50% of the standard product functionality has been completely rewritten in .NET. By the end of 2007, Syber ERP will be 100% .NET managed code.

What does .NET mean for you, the software user?
.NET is good for you because it has revolutionized the way we build software — which simply means that we are building a better software product for your company.

More importantly, the fusion of .NET and ERP technology will enable dramatic changes in how commerce is conducted in the manufacturing industry. Small and mid-sized manufacturing organizations will gain new competitive advantages as commercial enterprise software packages introduce new .NET-enabled features. Some of the benefits to anticipate include:

  • The proliferation of web services will enable radical new models for how trading partners interact in ‘real-time’.
  • A much lower cost of information exchange.
  • Dynamic production planning: old approaches to MRP and CRP will yield to previously unthinkable computing power.
  • Better and faster executions of processes such as shop floor tracking, order handling, order promising, dynamic inventory status and order status analysis.
  • Anywhere, anytime access to information as portable devices become an integral part of the real-time infrastructure.
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