Technology Infrastructure

Technology is clearly necessary to stay competitive in today's marketplace. Syber’s mission is to use technology to ensure that Syber ERP helps you sustain growth and compete successfully without burdening your company -- and your IT department -- with an overly complex and non-adaptive product.

The clear choice to achieve this goal is to stay current with the innovations from the leader in the industry -- Microsoft. From day one, Syber has provided a technology standard that is unmatched in the industry: 100 percent Microsoft® technology. And Syber remains committed to embracing advances from Microsoft to create products that are more robust, more secure, faster and, most importantly, easier for you to use and administer.

Microsoft .NET (“dot net”) is the latest technology innovation in the software industry, and is perhaps the biggest breakthrough since the first release of Windows. We at Syber are confident that within the next 18 to 24 months, enterprise applications in pure Microsoft .NET managed code will have overwhelmingly clear advantages and therefore will become a standard requirement for software users. For the past two years, Syber has been working to completely migrate Syber ERP to .NET and take advantage of all of the incredible innovation from Microsoft. We welcome an invitation to demonstrate how much better a pure .NET product really is.

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Syber ERP and Microsoft .Net
Syber ERP's Microsoft .NET-based software technology marks a quantum leap forward in enterprise software.

System Architecture
Exclusive use of Microsoft technology establishes a seamless interaction between all elements of the Syber ERP architecture.
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