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The Internet is easily the most powerful business tool of the new millennium. It has altered business methodologies and dramatically impacted the ways organizations relate to their customers. From the ordering process to customer support and customer service, the Internet offers limitless opportunities to those companies who have the Web-enabling technologies to take advantage of them.

Businesses run at lightning speeds. Only the most capable solutions can keep up with the pace. An advanced e-commerce solution can allow a business to move faster than ever before, regardless of the evolving standards of electronic commerce.

Syber ushers in a new era of Web services. Syber leverages Microsoft® .NET component architecture to deliver Syber solutions, an open component-based software framework. Based on Microsoft .NET architecture and the XML standard, Syber solutions provides a highly cost-effective way for Syber customers to trade across the Internet, integrate best-of-breed applications, maximize business-to-business trading and leverage wireless connectivity.

The framework can be utilized to give authorized individuals the ability to interact with Syber software data over the Web and from remote devices, including palm pilots and cell phones using WAP technology. It provides a structured way of directly accessing the business functionality within Syber software while maintaining the software's built-in business rules and security. In addition to enabling important business functions such as remote purchase order entry and inventory status determination, Syber Eworks solutions also facilitates the integration of select best-of-breed applications with Syber’s enterprise solution.
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